Irving Schlein (1905 - 1986) was an American composer who lived and worked his entire life in New York City (see Biography).

He was a 1930 Juilliard graduate and studied composition with Aaron Copland, Roy Harris, Wallingford Riegger and Roger Sessions. In a 1947 competition, with Paul Hindemith as one of three jurors, Schlein’s "Dance Overture" won First Prize. He produced a large body of work comprising hundreds of compositions across diverse musical genres.

From 2001 to early 2008, Irving Schlein’s music came to life through a unique collaboration with many of the finest musicians in St. Petersburg, Russia. Nearly all of Schlein’s musical repertoire was transcribed from their original manuscripts to electronic form. And dozens of recording sessions produced 13 CDs, including all his chambers works, many piano concertos and symphonies, and works for horn, flute, strings and woodwinds. This “musical discovery” was the brainchild of his late son, Peter Schlein.

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