071 "Ode to Mathematics" for Narrator and Piano (1966)
Based on "Mathematics in Western Culture" by Morris Kline
201 "Morning Exercises for All The Year for Narrator, Voice and Piano (1978)
A Musical Calendar for Children", for Soprano and piano, based on the book of the same name by Joseph C. Sindelar; publisher, Beckley-Cardy Co., Chicago (1914)
"Testament to Freedom" for Soloists, Chorus and Piano or Orchestra (1979)
Based on the book "The poetry of Freedom", an anthology by William Rose Benet and Norman Cousins, Random House (1945)
167 "Common School: A study of English Literature" for Narrator and Piano or Orchestra (1979)
"A (hopefully) humorous discourse for classes and listeners alike", based on the book "Common School - Literature" by J. Willis Westlake; publisher, Christopher Sower Co., Philadelphia (1876)
162 "Man and His World - A Humanistic Approach" for Narrator and Piano (1980)
Based on the book, "The Cry For Justice: An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest" by Upton Sinclair (editor); publisher, The John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia (1915)
075 "Ode to Staphylococcus" for Narrator and Piano (1984)