Symphonia Brevis (1938)
exa I Lento

II Allegro con brio

131 Symphonic Jubilee (1940)
I Adagio sostenuto, tempo rubato
II Allegro con spirito
Symphony No. 1 (Lost)
125 Symphony No. 2 (1940 - renamed in 1968: "I Have a Dream")
I Maestoso
II Allegretto
III Lento assai
IV Allegro con moto (including voices: SATB)
084 Sinfonia (1941)
I Lento
081 Symphony No. 3 (1941)
I Lento
II Allegro
III Andante sostenuto
Symphony No. 4 (Lost)
143 Symphony No. 5 for Symphonic Band (1943)
I Allegro molto
II Andante cantabile
III Molto maestoso
136 Dance Symphonia (1943)
"America is a melange of myriad elements"
I Moderato
II Languidly (blues)
III Alla breve (Moderate two)


Alexander Solotariov (violin 1) plays ISSM-126
Yuri Ushchapovsky (viloin 2) plays ISSM-126
Andrei Dogadin (viola) plays ISSM-126
Sergei Chernyadiev (cello) plays ISSM-126
Rostislav Yakovlev (contrabass) plays ISSM-126
Marina Vorojtsova (flute 1) plays ISSM-126
Olesia Tertitchnaya (flute 2) plays ISSM-126
Ruslan Khokholkov (oboe 1) plays ISSM-126
Yevgeny Kholkholkov (oboe 2) plays ISSM-126
Andrei Lauchin (clarinet 1) plays ISSM-126
Denis Suchov (clarinet 2) plays ISSM-126
Dmitri Krasnik (bassoon 1) plays ISSM-126
Maxim Karpinsky (bassoon 2) plays ISSM-126
Igor Karzov (horn 1) plays ISSM-126
Vitaly Musarov (horn 2) plays ISSM-126
Igor Sharapov (trumpet 1) plays ISSM-126
Alexei Beliaev (trumpet 2) plays ISSM-126
Maxim Ignatiev (trombone) plays ISSM-126
Andres Ismailov (harp) plays ISSM-126
Maxim Pankov (celeste) plays ISSM-126
Dmitri Klemienok (percussion) plays ISSM-126

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100 Symphony of the Americas (1944)
exa I Lento assai - "Hymn to the Americas"
II Tempo marziale, Maestoso - March of the Unified Americas
III Lento Maestoso - "Proclamation of hatred for despotism and destruction", from a 1942 speech by Serge Koussevitsky. (performed separately).
IV Molto largamento
006 Symphony No. 6 (1944)
This work was performed on May 13, 2003 by the UCLA Philharmonia Orchestra (students), conducted by Maestro Jon Robertson.

I Passacaglia
II Air
III Toccata
IV Chorale-Fugato
126 Symphony No. 7 (1945)
Recorded by members (see below) of the St Petersburg Philharmonic (Russia) on May 14,2007. Alexei Barashkin was Recording Director.

I Lento Assai
II Allegro giocoso
III Allegro giusto
082 Symphony No. 8 (1946)
I Lento con moto
II Lento assai
III Allegro
127 Symphony No. 9 (1947)
I Adagio
II Allegro
III Largo, a la funebre
IV Allegro molto
130 Symphonic Testament (1950)
"Dedicated to the memory of the six million Jews who were killed in the last war. This work is in one movement, with the opening theme developing into a funeral march, interrupted momentarily by a chassidic dance. The funeral motive reappears, leading imperceptibly into the last section".
I Moderato
144 Symphonietta (?)
I Grave ma con moto